[From the Editor]. The Capability Building programme of Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga has established a national network of MAI sites (Māori and Indigenous) based in the major tertiary institutions in New Zealand. Each site runs a post-graduate support curriculum for its Māori and indigenous students; and at times converge at national-level events. One part of the programme that brings students together is the National Doctoral Students Writing Retreat. This is an annual event over a 9-day period where students are accommodated and sustained at the Tainui Endowment College at Hopuhopu which is ideally situated on a hill on the outskirts of the town of Ngaruawahia. The purpose is for students to make significant advances in their doctoral and research writing. The programme is carefully crafted with a team of experienced academic mentors and advisors provided throughout the retreat. A particular highlight is the keynote address which is sponsored by the Manu Ao Academy. The purpose of this address is to provide emerging Māori scholars with role models of excellence to further inspire their pursuit of scholarly work.

At the 7th annual retreat, the Manu Ao keynote speech was delivered by Emeritus Professor Patu Hohepa. This article presents the text of his address; and it is expected that readers will be inspired by the local, national and global reach of the call from Hokianga.

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