Whānau Tuatahi facilitates community–researcher partnerships as a way of giving voice to the concerns whānau have about their health and the aspirations they have for their wellness. This research framework was developed in the context of a Kaupapa Māori research project for the exploration of whānau experiences of tamariki with asthma. Four methods (semi-structured interviews, photovoice, drawings and a structured questionnaire) enabled whānau a variety of flexible ways of engaging with the research project over a 12-month period. The principles of the Whānau Tuatahi research framework that guided its practical implementation included: whakawhirinaki, whakawhanaungatanga, whakamana, ngāwari, utu and hurihuringa. Application of this Kaupapa Māori-based research framework resulted in very positive feedback from whānau. The framework can be used as an effective means of engaging with whānau to inform the health and policy sectors about the lived realities of whānau.

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