This paper provides an overview of some current Māori information communication technology (ICT) initiatives, online Māori language resources and Māori initiatives for teaching and learning. The first section provides examples of key ICT and web-based resources in the Māori language and for the Māori language (for example, monolingual sites in the Māori language, bilingual/multilingual sites providing education/historic information, online dictionaries, and other computer mediated communication resources). The second section focuses on a recent bilingual Student Online Learning and Management System called ‘eWānanga’, which provides a learner support service that is based on traditional educational learning models intermixed with Māori pedagogies to offer students more appropriate flexible blended learning. The third section discusses web/ICT resources and online learning systems based on Māori experiences in New Zealand. The paper concludes by noting gaps, areas of concern, future directions and lessons to be learnt for other indigenous groups around the world interested in both developing web/ICT resources and engaging in online learning activities.

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