In 2010, a series of three hui-a-marae (symposium held at a marae) were held to investigate the concept ‘rangatiratanga’ (leadership). The marae (Māori places of meeting) that hosted the leadership wānanga were Waipapa marae, Rehua marae and Te Herenga Waka marae. From these marae various discussions, issues and positions were presented by many guest speakers; these presentations were followed by reflections in groups and as individuals. Among the many key points that were raised there are six issues that I considered are significant aspects and ideas that contribute to successful contemporary Māori leadership. They are aroha (compassion and love), pakanga (debates), tino rangatiratanga (sovereignty), mana wahine (female leadership), tikanga kore (adapting protocol to suit the situation) and pono (truth) /tika (correct). This paper elaborates on these concepts and reflects further with particular reference to the world of academia.

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