MAI Journal 2013: Volume 2 Issue 1

Publication Date: 
Thursday, March 28, 2013

The newest issue of MAI Journal: A New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship (Volume 2, 1) is now available. Anne-Marie Jackson provides a discursive analysis of rangatiratanga in the context of Māori fisheries. The article entitled “Whānau-centred health and social service delivery in New Zealand” by Amohia Boulton, Jennifer Tamehana and Tula Brannelly explores the “whānau ora philosophy that became the cornerstone of Māori health policy” and offer their observations on how important this new policy approach has been, and will be in the coming years. Spencer Lilley proposes to fill the gap in literature in his paper “Māori Career Information Seeking.” He finds that it is the interpersonal relationships of the individuals to be the main informer for rangatahi. A descriptive study in maintaining relationships and accessing information is presented by Acushla O’Carroll in the article entitled “An Analysis of How Rangatahi Māori Use Social Networking Sites”. 

Articles in this issue: